hd224 freezes on a Vizio TV

We have an HD224 on version 8.0.127 connected to a Vizio GV47L FHDTV10A.  The Vizio manual says it has a resolution of 1920x1080p x60hz.  When I set up the HD224 for the first time I did it in my shop connected to a Toshiba 19SL410U which I use to check the initial boot-up and network diagnostics, it ran fine and auto-detected the proper resolution.  We loaded a slide show of 12 .jpg files which are 1280x720, it played fine over night on the Toshiba but when I connected it to the Vizio it froze on the black splash screen with the SN, etc.  I can't see it in Brightauthor in the manage tab but I can enter the LAN address and see the diagnostic page in Google Chrome web browser; reboot it from there, change the video settings, and upload and download files, etc.  So far I have run the video mode test up to 1440x1080 at which time I remotely set the video resolution to; 1280x768x60, 1920x1080x60, 1024x768x60 and 1280x960x60.  It is currently on the native resolution of the TV 1920x1080x60 and showing the splash screen.  Any idea why it would freeze just with this TV?  Some copy protection glitch between the two?

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    JRB Technical

    I seem to recall a similar Vizio TV issue.

    If I remember correctly, it was something like the VGA input was 60hz, but the HDMI's would only accept 30hz. It was frustrating.

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