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Hey Guys!


We are using hd224 for projection mapping and sometimes we need to re-upload the show. The problem is that the difference with the new upload is only a few pixels. Therefore it is hard to see when the brightsign received his new upload. Is there any way I can see when a brightsign took a new upload. I don't want to use the log file. I want to write a script that send me a message when an upload has been done.



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    Monica Knutson

    Hi Nick!

    A few options:

    1. Perhaps create a "start state" on your presentation that is on screen for a small amount of time at the beginning of the presentation?  Like a "loading" type of screen but you control the timeout.
    2. You could have it send a UDP command upon the presentation start - also using a start state.  You would need a UDP listener app to see it come through though (and be on the same network as the BrightSign).


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