Switch to presentation triggered by serial or UDP?

Hi everyone,


I am new to this, and am testing the waters to see if this will do what I need it to.  I have the 1144xt unit and have a full screen 4k dolby vision live video playing through it.  

I want to have that video play 24x7 EXCEPT when I send it a serial or UDP command.  When the Bright Sign unit recieves that command I would like it to switch presentations to a new layout.  I would like that layout to be 5 zones, zone 1 being that live video as above, then 2 zones static images, and the last 2 zones display a web page of 2 security cameras.  Then after say 30 secconds switch back to the full screen 4k video.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of tutorials or give me some instructions on how I can get this setup within BrightAuthor 4.7?


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