Strong differences by displaying same HTML Page with "FEED-Widget" or with "HTML-Widget"

I tried to automate a HTML-Page Playlist with the Feed Function and made a test.xml file to display some HTML Pages.

But the rendering on the screen is much different with the feed widget than with the normal HTML widget!!!

The feed widget displays the pages in the right order on the screen but the rendering of the page seems to parted in two parts: after showing the half of the page the remaining part is black and after some milliseconds the remaining part appears.

If i display the same HTML pages with the HTML widget the rendering on the screen is absolutely normal - like in the browser of my developing machine.

What is the reason for this behavior and what could i do to have the normal screen / browser rendering?


Its a small HTML page with one big image and 2 small images but the big image is loaded with a progressive.js routine - the rendering works in the HTML widget absolutely perfect.


It would be great to get help because we need this for a customer presentation very urgent.


Regards André




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    Brandon Official comment

    Since this has urgency, you should submit a support ticket to get an official response.

    We will need more information in order to assist you.  An export of the project/HTML/media would be especially useful so we can see the behavior you are describing.
    Please be sure to also include what software/CMS you're using, as I am not clear what widgets you are referring to here.
    We can only help with BrightSign software/CMS - if you are using a third party CMS system, you will need to consult with their support as it will be their system/code that determines the player's behavior.


    Friendly reminder, the community forum is intended for user-to-user discussion.  It is not regularly monitored. For troubleshooting problems and to ensure a timely answer from a BrightSign representative, please submit a support ticket.

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    André-Marc Räubig

    I made a test with disabled progressive.js and the most half remaining "black" part of the screen changes now a little bit quicker than before - but the problem still remains. It looks like the screen actualisation is made in two steps.


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    André-Marc Räubig

    This beahvior only exists if i use content from a local web server - when defining external links the actualisation of the screen is normal - perhaps this information could help the brightsign team to define a solution.

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    André-Marc Räubig

    And with my last test for this behavior i could reproduce the "black half part" of the screen if the HTML target pages of the feed are "cached" on the brightsign player. After a reboot of the player and starting a new feed source the pages are absolutely normal. Only after the first cycle show the pages the second time the described behavior occurs.

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