creating interactive slide show with external buttons (lots of questions)

OK. So I have used Brightauthor to creative simple interactive presentations with 5 or 6 videos in the past and I am pretty skilled with simple video standalone things. I have been asked to create a similar presentation that would use a  large series of still images. The user would interact with a forward button and a back button along with a home button to navigate through them. I understand how to use brightauthor to create the logic for this by drawing the lines between each image in association with the required GPIO buttons. With a few images it is not too bad. I just found out that the client wants to have hundreds of images sorted into 4 categories.

Having played around a bit I am thinking brightauthor is not the right tool for this as I would have to program the logic for everyone of the "200" images individually, making sure that each slide has the appropriate buttons linked to where they need to go. It seems this would be tedious and near impossible to do manually and the flowchart would be a rats nest. Add to that they want to be able to have me add new images on a regular basis.

So....what are my best options to accomplish this? Is there a way to have brightauthor just move though a folder of images automatically...you know, say gpio1 button moves forward through images and GPIO moves backward, removing the need for me to manually assign every single button press and tie it to a specific image.

Also...they are asking for a timeout to either send it back to the home screen or to a screen saver (video we'd create) when no user input for several minutes.

Help! :) Seriously not knowing how to approach this and if the brightsign can even really do this job correctly. Maybe there is a better tool for this.



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    perhaps Image List under Other tab could be helpful. It has a GPIO back and forward

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    Thanks. I think this is the right way to go. However I am confused as I need to display the images in full 4k and brightauthor keeps telling me max resolution is 1080P. I have chosed a 4k capable model when starting the presentation in BA. Any ideas?

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