XD233 Lost static ip

Hello Bright sign community,

Setup and project background 

The project is to act as a gallery displaying images from a computer which is connected to in the same network . In this project we have 2 XD233 players installed on site, which each connected to a projector. The players are networked through local networking and have a static ip for the setup to work. The players have the same subnet mask, default gateway, DNS 1/2 as the static computer's ip address for our program to work. The client will turn off all the power to the setup at the end of the week, so it will not always be running.  

The project was setup in summer of 2017 and has been working for the most part, with a few fixes. For the past 2 years this setup was working fine with no issues until we had an issue recently with the ip addresses. For this problem the IP addresses were reset, so we had to set up the computer's and the 2 bright signs' static ip addresses.

Current Problem

After 2 weeks of fixing an issue with the static ip addresses, the right bright sign player would still display our program but would have issues networking. It cannot connect to the photo booth folder nor can we connect to it from our computer for debugging.

We have tried connecting to it through the following methods, with the on site computer .

  1. Accessing it through the bright author program. It cannot take a snap shot through the mange tab, doesn't have the player in the publish tab, and cannot add it with the ip address anymore.
  2. Using the IP address with the diagnostic web server on chrome, which it cannot fine 
  3. Using the serial the number with dws using the following web address http//:brightsign-serialnumber. 
  4. Pinging the ip address of the bright sign player through command prompt, which will return as a failure and unresponsive.

What is strange is that the left Bright Sign player, in the same setup, still works perfectly fine. Our program on in works fine, we can see it through Bright Author, connect through the IP address, and use the units serial number. 

Temporary solution

We will also be going on site to try to look at the hardware very soon. We will try to factory reset the player, and change the SD card , since it cause issues about 2 years ago. From there we will re-setup the same ip address and reload the a new version our project. 
I have sent a support email ticket along side this post.

Would anyone know what could be causing this? Would this be an issue with the hardware, or software? Could it be something to do with networking or a member of the IT team taking the IP address?

Thank you for your time, 


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