Network cuts out

Completed an install of 23 HD224 units running AppSpace.

Some have had some odd behaviour where the network port seems to 'cut out'. The physical connection has not been touched but there are no activity lights on the port of the player or the switch. More than half the players have been fine, but some have done this. A quick fix is to re-seat the network port and that brings it back.

The network team has investigated this from the switches and can pinpoint the time it occurred, but nothing else out of the ordinary was happening.

The firmware is 8.0.127 and the AppSpace App is 2.7 - so both currently latest.

Does anyone know if there is any kind of sleep or hibernate on the appspace software or brightsign firmware?


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    Allen H. Porter

    I can't speak to the AppSpace software because we do not use it.  But in the 35k BrightSign players we have deployed I think I have seen maybe 2 players with an issue involving the network interface.  And I have tested players for months...and in one case a year with no network connection and it came back as soon as the network was restored.  We had a player connected for more than a year with the network DHCP server intentionally mis-configured.  As soon as we corrected the error, the player pulled an address and began working.


    Might be something new we have never seen with the player but the odds are that it is not.

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    Gareth Day

    Yeah - it seems very odd to me. We're running a few BSNs for various clients and never seen this issue.

    It's almost like the player has fully turned off the network port. I've had the network engineers looking at it for some time also and they can check all the settings they like - until there's a fresh physical/electrical connection it does nothing. No link light or activity lights anywhere either. And as there are other players set up in identical ways installed at the same time it's turning into a real headscratcher.

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    Bright Scripters

    Without going into too much detail; The firmware used, is the most recent from BrightSign, which hasn't yet been vetted by AppSpace.

    If there is a BrightSign firmware that you know works well with AppSpace, you might want to stick to it, while taking the time testing higher versions.

    The equivalent to using BrightSign with AppSpace, would be using MS Office applications on MacOS. It works until it doesn't.

    Latest and shiniest, are not necessarily the best nor most reliable...

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