Players inactive can't get reconnected

Following a tornado that ripped through our city, a power surge knocked everything offline. Since then five of our six BrightSign players have been listed as inactive and I'm unable to update the scheduled content using BrightAuthor Connected.

When I check the device list in the network tab, four of our five inactive devices list Error Code -28 with Failed to download sync list. The other one lists Error Code 500 with Failed to download sync list as the issue.

Here is a list of the troubleshooting methods I've tried:

-Checking the hardwired connections

-Confirming that our network connection is back running

-Updating the BAN Connected app (per the advice of Bright Sign support) and attempting to push the schedule back through

- Pushing through new content with the BrightSign OS update to update the players themselves. (Currently using 8.0.127 Production Release)

None of this has worked.

Any one have ideas on how to proceed from here?

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    Allen H. Porter


    Operation timeout. The specified time-out period was reached according to the conditions.


    I would connect a laptop at the site and verify I could get to all of the URLs that the player must hit to download content.  I can't recall BrightSigns URLs but there should be several and I know they are listed somewhere on this site.

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