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I am using an XT1144 player and nine LG 49vm5c-a monitors to create a display wall. I have been trying for a couple weeks to get the pictures to look crisp, but they appear blurry the closer you get to the display wall. I have been working with Fatih over email but haven't had any luck determining what the settings for my presentation should be and what size images to use on that presentation. I have done a lot of trial and error, but the player seems not to accept large images. The biggest it will accept are 1920X1080. I have tested the monitors separately and they display high quality images without being attached to the BrightSign player. The problem exists in BrightSign/BrightAuthor when attempting to post just one image to one zone on one monitor. And also the problem is on larger zones across multiple monitors. I would appreciate any help you can offer.

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    Bright Scripters

    This might help



    Also, if still images are hard for you to work with, those could be converted to a short video file, and played as 4K, which would give you a better resolution.


    I'm assuming that the video wall is configured as 3x3, to effectively make a large 16x9 image.

    Being the LG 49vm5c-a a 1920x1080, you might need to feed the first display in the chain, using DisplayPort, in order to get a sharp image.

    If you are doing straight HDMI from the player, the overall resolution might be limited to 1920x1080, which then get stretched.


    Something like this one




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