Start the video when projector turns on (using PJLINK)


I want to set up my Brightsign LS424 together with an Optoma ZU606TSTe. 

My goal is to achieve a state where the Brightsign player is alyways on but the projector isn't. If the customer now turns the projector on the player should loop one single video for several minutes and as soon as the projectors turns off the video should stop until its turned on again and so on.

I'm stuck at this point now and I'm asking you to help me. I'm attaching two pictures to this post showing what I've tried. 

What I did is basically start with a single frame (in this case its "Blue.png") as a starting decision where the player is asking the projector "POWR ?". The projector then answers wether "JA" or "NEIN" which is "POWR=0" or "POWR=1". If the answer is no, the loop should start again. If its yes, the video should start and after it finishes, the whole loop should again until the projector turns off.

My problem is that it always stays at the first state "Blue.png". Nothing is happening after that. I already set the projector's IP and port under presention properties to the right one. 


Do you guys have any clue how to solve this problem? Thanks for your attention!


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