Update user variable using AppleScript

Hi I am looking for a way to update user variables remotely. Ideally this would be via AppleScript I am able to parse the BrightSign url to get values but can’t figure out how to post back updates Any ideas??


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    Well, with jQuery you'd use
    $.post('http://localhost:8008/SetValues', BSvars);

    Where BSvars is a JavaScript object consisting of name:value pairs, for example
    var BSvars = { myVariable:"Hello", myOtherVariable:"World"};

    Posting that would set the variable named myVariable in the presentation to the string Hello and the variable named myOtherVariable in the presentation to the string World


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    James Tebb

    Thanks Brendon
    This has got me thinking...
    What I would like to do is....
    Excel doc on a Mac on local network
    The brightsigns variables update based on value’s in the excel doc
    I’m aware that this could be treated as an RSS feed however I need to be able to trigger the update as opposed to waiting 30 secs
    Is there a method to do this maybe with background script

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    Bright Scripters

    If RSS works for you then you could initiate a feed refresh using the "Update Data Feed" command, and trigger it by sending a UDP message from you application to the player.


    The Update Data Feed command can be found here


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