Simple klick link on device , switch videos via udp event


I´ve read threads where I think much of this is covered but the discussions tends to be a bit out of my league. I´m looking for a solution in its simplest form so I can customize it further.

So I´ve created a simple project for a ls423 and I wish to pick/switch videos from a html page browsing with a ios device or other. What elements must the html page contain to send a correct udp? Is it possible to use java script or just html? I do not want to use the brightsign app, I just want a super simple html site for video switching. As I'm sure you understand I don't know the smallest thing of html or java etc. But I need to understand the principle for controlling the brightsign via udp so I can explain what I want to the right guys.

Project description: LS423 with looping video responds to udp event: film1 and film2 and are supposedly to play film1 or film2.

Device with browser, user clicks link 1 or link 2 for film1 or film2 selection.


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    Bright Scripters

    Sending messages from JS to BrightScript, which might be the cleanest way of going about what you need.



    Moreover, when the built-in web server is enabled, and the BrightSign App can trigger events, you can also open a web page on port 8008, which can be a starting point for the developer. 


    This thread might also be helpful


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    Nils Marklund

    Yes and thank you

    Have been reading the mentioned thread and the local web server method works just fine. Although it has a lot of features I want to remove. Like fetching the events, I already know them, don´t I, so maybe I can just adress them from html page whitout getting them dynamically from the brightsign? And I don't want buttons, I want pictures- and textlinks to activate the udp stuff.

    Maybe all this is easy peasy for a developer so will try to find the right one and discuss the matters.



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    Bright Scripters

    Agree. A developer would be able to handle such task.

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