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I am working on creating a program for my HD1024 which integrates live video streaming through youtube and recorded clips stored on the player, the live stream works when the system starts, but the video clips wont open and once you navigate away the live stream wont reload. Is there a solution that allows video streamed from the internet to be integrated with video files stored on the player?

I am working with a 3 zone program where one zone has the HTML video and recorded clips, one zone has a static (.jpg) masthead, and the third photo zone has touch screen buttons which allow the user to select the live html feed or the clips stored on the player. 



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    Yes, you can mix both types of video. Most of our cms partners do mixed playback. Is this a brightauthor presentation you're building? If so, is this the beta brighatuthor connected, or older brighatuthor 4.7 or earlier? Please send screenshots of what your presentation looks like if it's brighatuthor. 

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