Scrubbing/seeking HTML5 Videos with live preview?

I am currently working on a HTML5 Video playback project which will run a common custom video playback UI with different videos on a dozen or so of XT1144 units. The videos are stored locally on SD cards, they are also encoded with I-Frames only. The video tags have hwz enabled. 

I got almost everything working like I want it to, except for one thing which is kind of annoying:

Seeking (via a custom UI scrub bar with a draggable scrub button) works, but doesn't show a live preview (i.e. the video picture doesn't update when seeking). As soon as I restart playback after the seeking via drag gestures finishes, the video picture updates & plays from the right point, but if for instance the user  first pauses the video, then seeks, the video picture doesn't update until the user goes back in playback mode. 

Seeking is implemented in a standard way, by dynamically setting the <videoelement>.currentTime as long as the drag gesture goes on.

On a desktop browser, it works as expected, i.e. it shows a live preview whether the video is paused or not before the seeking gesture begins.

Is there any kind of optimisation going behind the scenes which causes this behaviour? If so, can it be disabled via some roHtmlWidget options?

The only (really cludgy) workaround I found was to restart playback and then pause it again after a short delay, which makes at least the paused videos show an updated preview picture after seeking, but I noticed that this *only* works when letting the video playback for at least 250 ms. Anything under that, it doesn't update. 

This obviously also doesn't solve the lack of preview in seeking mode.

Any ideas what might be going on?


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    what's type of videos are you using? mpeg2? are they transport stream? can you send a sample to support to take a look at including video?

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