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I got a new project to deploy brightsign player to a remote site (no network access) that staff there will manage content by themselves.

I knew that BrightSign can do "USB Playing" by default - i.e. placing files in SD Card/USB and the player will play alphabetically.

However, I got some screens in different resolutions/resolutions, as well as on-off schedules, so I'm looking a way that can create a standard presentation file while a placeholder can play things like the above on the external USB.

Is there a way to do so? Many thanks in advance.

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    Bright Scripters

    The player should be able to negotiate the resolution with the screen automatically, so each location would load content to USB, based on their screen. Ideally, you'd find a resolution that would work for all screens, and let the player scale to fit, or similar.

    As for scheduling, your local staff would need to have basic knowledge of BrightAuthor, so they can manage the schedule.

    Alternatively, they would manage power outlet timer such as this one, so you don't have to hold their hand every time there is a schedule change.


    This product is not a recommendation, but rather a conceptual suggestion. There might be more suitable products that automatically change to daylight saving, based on location.


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