connecting RJ45 fo the BirhgtSign De9 serial port

For a project i want to connect a Modicon m241 to a brightsign device. The M241 will send a serial message to the brightsign player every minutes to trigger an event. 

I have tested both devices seperately using hercules and it seemsto work just fine. However it doesn't work when i hook up the modicon to the brightsign. So it seems to me that the cable is the problem. I used an RJ45 to Dsub De9 cable that has the following pinout

does anyone know what could be the problem? 

the serial settings on both devices are: 


data bits: 7

stop bits: 1

parity: none


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    Bright Scripters

    By default BrightSign use 8 data bits. Have you modified it to 7 in BrightAuthor or BrightScript?


    The pinout in the drawing is showing that Rx is connected to Rx, and Tx to Tx.

    Looks like you'd want to swap those to create a crossover connection.

    Rx to TX, and Tx to Rx.

    Alternatively, you could use a DE9 Null-Modem adapter.

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    Quintus Glerum

    That was it. it works now. Thank you so much!!!

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    Bright Scripters

    With pleasure.

    Thanks for sharing your success! :)


    Stay safe

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