Displaying Network Image Controlled by UDP?

I'm trying to create a presentation that will do the following:

  1. Sit at a waiting screen, wait for a UDP packet
  2. Once it gets UDP packet var1:some_data transition to the next screen
  3. some_data would contain a specific image that i'd like the device to load. The image is on a local network NAS
  4. IF it gets a new var1:some_other_data, loop and display the new image
  5. IF it gets a action_stop UDP reset back to the home screen

Specifically, I have some additional questions:

  1. Is it possible to test the UDP control when in brightauthor and previewing? I can't get the preview to respond, i think it has to be deployed to actual device?
  2. It seems not possible to load an image from a network share, correct?
  3. My workaround to item 2 was as follows:
  • Use HTML5 control that hits a custom webserver, something like myurl.com/load_image?var1(From UDP)
  • Is it possible to take the variable var1 that comes across from UDP and populate that in the querystring of the HTML5 request?
  • The web server would take whatever image is request and render it


Is there a better / easier way to do this? 

I need to be able to display 4 images, i planned on having 4 zones, can this be done?

I considered using a RSS/media feed solution, but i need it be fairly responsive in loading the image in response to the UDP command. 


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    Bright Scripters

    RSS/Media feed is what I'd explore first, as it makes the BrightAuthor programming easy, and permanent.

    The BA programming is going to be minimal, consisting of Image Play File, combined with UDP event, with the wildcard input <any>.

    You would then set the Image Play File to populate from a feed.

    The feed items' titles, would act as keys, so once set up, adding a new image, would not require any BrightAuthor programming change.

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    I considered that, Is there a way to trigger a RSS/Media feed update from the UPD event?


    On my control application, i need the user to be able to select an image for it to display on the screen. Using the set time intervals of 30 seconds would not be responsive enough. 


    To test this out:

    • Data feed: URL - would be a RSS on my server; Content Usage - Content for image list or play file; update interval - any way to make this shorter or trigger on demand?
    • Image Play File - Specify Data Feed: Data Feed whatever, would i use an entry or exit command to have it trigger via UDP?
    • UDP Events - One after the RSS (start) to transition to imageplay file, one after image play file to trigger a poll to the RSS to refresh?


    It does not seem like this would be able to swap out the images quickly enough; do i even need the UDP input between the RSS feed and the media play? 


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    Bright Scripters

    You should not worry about the time it takes to switch between images. That would be instantly.

    You do not need the RSS state in the mix.

    The Image Play File can be set to be populated from a Data Feed.

    Look to the bottom of the images shown in the documentation.



    You might want to first make it work with static files instead of a feed. Once you get that to work, add a feed which would increase complexity.

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