Offline website with automated updates

I built a simple website for a client who has recently come back to me to ask about loading the website onto a BrightSign device that they can connect to a touchscreen in their lobby. The problem is i've never worked with a BrightSign device before.

The website consists of a single index.html page and a bunch of assets (js, css, image and font files). 

I have looked at BrightAuthor:Connected and see I can setup a HTML presentation, point it at a local directory and when I publish it will package everything up for me (haven't been able to test this works yet, awaiting delivery of a test device from my client). The problem with that approach is the website is updated with new content from an administration panel, by people that would not be able to modify the BA presentation and re-publish it. 

To add to the list of restrictions. The client wants it to work fully offline as the device won't have a stable internet connection suitable for just loading up a remote website (which was my original idea). Internet is available for nightly updates, but not reliable enough for consistent use.

I see that if I publish as "Simple File Network" there's a current-sync.json file with some URLs and server credentials which I presume is how I can tell it to check for updates?

I was thinking that I need the remote server to generate the BA files whenever there's a change, and have the BA device periodically check a URL to see if there's any updates. The presentation is quite simple, so I reckon I could automate the creation of the pool folder and the current-sync.json file.

What i'm looking for is confirmation that this is a sane way to achieve my goal or am I making it more complicated than needs to be?

Will this approach work? And if anyone has done this before, a high level step-by-step work be appreciated (such as "create a dummy project as a template, write server code to generate the files from template then do X to make the device fetch those files).

Any help working this out would be greatly appreciated. Fish out of water here...


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