Christie D20WU-HS RS232 Control


I have a BrightSign XT1144 and a Christie D20WU-HS projector. The serial output of the BrightSign is connected to the serial input on the projector.All settings are correct in the player and on the projector, baud rate, start / stop bit. 

The command for Power on the projector is (PWR 1) and off (PWR 0).At the first image in my presentation, I send a serial string (EOL) with the command (PWR 1)But now the problem, nothing happens. The projector does not respond to any commands.

Does anyone know what I could do wrong? I checked all cables with the correct pin assignment.

List with Commands: 


Thanks in advance!



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    Bright Scripters

    Have you tried to troubleshoot using a PC with a serial terminal application?

    Also, make sure that your RS232 cable is wired so Tx pin at the player's side, is wired to the Rx pin at the projector side.

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    Walter van Peene

    TX and RX reversed and it works perfectly now. Stupid I didn't try that.

    Thanks anyway!

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