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Hi all.  I'm very familiar with using the rc1001 brightsign remote and remote control inputs in Bright Author.  I'm doing a new project for a client and have the new rc1002 remote.  The keyword commands (PWR,East,West, etc) are working fine, but with the extra buttons, I would like to use the actual mute button on this new remote to mute the video playback.  I'm using an Iguana Works transceiver.  In searching, I've found several plugins that say they will display IR commands as a variable onscreen and monitor and send as a zone message, but I haven't had any luck with getting this to work with the Iguanaworks and rc1002.  In the script I've found, I've also made sure the IguanaWorks isn't commented out, as it defaults that way.  I would appreciate any help on this.  Thanks

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    This is an old post. Was this resolved?

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