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    Monica Knutson

    Hi Dominic!

    It looks like that button is already pre-wired for you.  Very good!  Typically, they use the Red and Black leads for the LED voltage (check your documents for certain though!).  Since it is within the range of a BrightSign player (3.3VDC) you will want to hook up the red wire to the GPIO for +3.3V and the black wire to one of the Ground (GND) ports.

    GPIO Pinouts:

    The Blue and Yellow wires are the signal wires.  Likely one is Normally Open (closes when button pushed) and on is Normally Closed (opens with button push).  You can use a multimeter to tone out the wires while pushing the button.  The GND is common for both NO and NC.

    More details here:

    That's the wiring part.  The programming is pretty simple as well.  You'll want to convert your presentation to an Interactive vs Non-Interactive presentation.  Drag the "stand by" file to the blank canvas.  This will become the Home state.  It will represent what you want to be on screen when the video playback is not yet started.  If you just want a black canvas, make a JPG or PNG of just black color and set to the resolution of your presentation (1920x1080, etc).  Then, from the toolbar, look for the GPIO events and use those to listen for your button press.  We usually use GPIO 0, but it's your choice which to use.  More info:


    There is a tutorial on creating an Interactive Presentation here:

    Good luck!  Keep us posted on how you did or if you have any more questions.


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