Nearly 3 minutes for the XD234 to display something

On power up it takes the XD234 3 minutes of anxious waiting to reboot.  If you have executed a resolution change, then 6 minutes of waiting on a black screen while not knowing if anything worthwhile is happening.

Can we have some sort of splash screen like the blue line on the HD Brightsigns,  Something to see that stops us twitching while waiting for something to happen?


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    Came across this today in front of a client while trying to configure 19 units in one go. Have been away from BrightSign's for awhile so I know what to expect in the terms of boot times and reboot times.

    Loaded all the SD cards and left them active for what should have been long enough. Sat and watched one and had the same thing Brian mentioned which when you're dealing with that many units really slows you down and makes the product look like *&^%!

    Fix: Downgrade to a V7 FW and boot times are back to normal.

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    Alex from Brightsign sent me below is the reply:

    I am hoping future FW will check first is the server is required or available and then, if not, bypass further communications attempts.

    "Alex (BrightSign)

    Jul 20, 2020, 1:56 AM PDT


    This is expected behaviour. New series 4 players have firmware version 8 and that firmware has additional system components that communicate with our server. That is why the boot time is more.
    The units are designed to operate allday/everyday 24/7/365. There is no need to power off the units.
    If the unit is connected to the internet, the boot time should be faster."

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    Makes sense if you are setting one or two up at a time and connected to the internet services but you should be able to turn that off. If you're setting up a bunch of units for an install or simply changing resolutions to try things out it's all becomes a bit dull.

    Powered the units up with a setup card in it so no need to wait for any cloud connection and frankly if a project is loaded on the card why is it doing that before booting the microSD?!

    I don't do much dev work on these boxes these days but if you were testing out a custom autorun/plugin and you needed to reload the player to check it a few times an hour that's a reasonable level of frustration.

    Thanks for the follow up info Brian.


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