Scripting composite output playlist on HD series players


I am often using Brightsign players (hd210,220,222) to output composite video (using a VGA-RGB adapter), and have no problems scripting single video files, however, I am having difficulties scripting multiple videos (playlists) on the same sd card/player.

I generally use Zach Poff’s scripts, but there is not much info around about scripting playlists.

While it’s pretty straightforward to do so when outputting through HDMI (simply adding files to the sd card, and naming them alphabetically, I cannot find a script to edit to do so with composite output.

Unfortunately, I don’t own a PC, therefore I cannot use old bright author versions to do so, and the new version for mac bright author:connected does not recognize my Brightsign models.

Is there a way in the script to separate each video? I.E. myvideofile1.mp4 ; myvideofile2.mp4 etc.

Would it be possible to get some direction or an example script with a playlist for composite output (ntsc/pal).

Any help would be very much appreciated!


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