UDP to trigger videos on array of HD224. Sign plays wrong file.

I have a series of 19 brightsign HD224 units networked together all with static IP 192.168... connections. Sign 1 is stepping through 4 one hour videos on repeat. Each time it starts a new video it uses a video timecode event to send a UDP command to the other signs. At one minute in it triggers sign 2, another minute sign 3, etc. It works great except for one problem. Once in a while one of the 18 signs goes to the wrong video. At the moment sign 1 tells sign 12 to advance to video 3 it instead plays video 1. The next time it might be sign 14 that goes to the wrong video. I'll sit there watching them for hours and they all step correctly from video to video, then the next day sign 10 is playing the wrong video again. I have a network monitor watching for the UDP commands and sign 1 is sending the correct messages. I am at wit's end trying to figure out how a UDP command can be received correctly to trigger the sign to change videos but it sometimes randomly chooses to play the wrong file. Any ideas?

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    If when you publish, you enable debugging to the system log ( optionon the publish tab), you can look at the udp message that unit received when it went to the wrong place. Given that the commands work fine over and over again, there must be some race condition that's leading to the failure. 


    can you send screenshots of what the projects look like...?

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