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I have over 100 Brightsigns and need to manually input the players.  When adding a new machine with BrightAuthor, is there a way to transfer the file that references the players?  Or is the only way, manually entering each of the 100 IPs?  Bonjour auto discovery is not an option.  I am hoping that there is a config file that can be backed up, saved and re-used on new control machines.


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    Brandon Official comment

    BrightAuthor preferences are stored under %localappdata%\BrightSign\BrightAuthor in a folder corresponding to the version number.


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    Soooo helpful.  Thanks a million!

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    Rodney Johnson

    This is helpful, but what about for Bright Author Connected?  I am having issues where each user I have has to manually add over 100 players to their list.  I do not see the same associated file for BA Connected.

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