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I've got a requirement to set the language of the Brightsign HTML object to en-gb. At the moment it is set to en-us. Normally, this wouldn't cause an issue, but it's meaning a page that's been developed by a 3rd party is displaying incorrectly (number formatting issues). I have seen a minor reference to this being available on roHtmlWidget, and I'm happy to modify the autorun.brs file as required but I simply don't know the syntax. Any help would be much appreciated.


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    James Voakes

    I've been doing some more digging and have now found this page: https://developer.roku.com/en-gb/docs/references/brightscript/interfaces/ifhttpagent.md 


    It references AddHeader. I've tried to do this and no errors on boot, however it simply doesn't do anything. In all honesty, I'm not sure where this would actually need to go as I just searched autorun.brs for any references to HtmlWidget and added in there.


    With this further information, does anybody have any suggestions? How would one typically add custom headers, or stipulate any of the HTTP options?



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