BUG: Hiding zones does not prevent touch zone touches on hidden zones

Hi All,

I have multiple fullscreen zones in my presentation, that when you press something on the 'main menu' it will show a zone. The reason for this is to allow switching back and forth between a website and the menu faster than loading fresh each time (the website updates in real-time in the background).


The problem I have is that when the website is being displayed, the main menu touch zones are still operational so when you press the close button the webpage, all sorts has happened in the background. The main menu on one of it's touch zones plays a video so as you can imaging somebody will be scrolling the webpage element and then bam, a video just starts playing fullscreen.


This seems like a bug to me, but does anybody have a fix, or advice on how to resolve?

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    Try moving the zone to off-screen coordinates rather than Hiding it.


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