Set of Players on BSN Expiring (Is there any grace period).

Good morning, 

I run a BSN that has one retail location that has players expiring in 4 days.  I have notified the customer and we are working on purchasing the renewals but with COVID these days, things are taking a little longer.  I am curious, is there a grace period once these players expire on the 5th (Saturday)?  I know when I set them up at first we get like 30 days. We should have the new licences purchased by next week, but I am trying to head off a weekend fire drill on this.  TIA.


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    Allen H. Porter

    We run our own BSN server system so your mileage may vary.  When our customer's subscriptions expire there is no grace period.  However, the players do not stop functioning...they just stop accepting content updates.  the players continue to play video and audio.

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    Thanks Allen.  We are in their cloud, but that's great news.  I have all the content and schedules updated and content is standard so that would be acceptable.  Appreciate it.

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