Trying to sync and loop two HD223 machines via Bright Author Connected

Newbie here. Can't figure this out. I'm not great at this stuff but I think this is a relatively straightforward project so here goes nothing...

I have two videos that are the same length. I am trying to show one on one hd223 and the second video on the other hd223 machine connected via ethernet and each machine connected to separate monitors via hdmi. The goal is to simply have both videos loop continuously and in sync with one another. I have both files loaded and looping but they seem to be a split second off from one another. How do i tighten this up? I have them running as master and slave via "enhanced synchronization" in a non-interactive presentation but they are not perfectly synchronized. Close, but not perfectly aligned. I feel like I'm missing a command or something. At present, both files are simply loaded onto sd card and published as master and slave respectively. But I don't find any options to actively sync the two files

All the tutorials and videos I've found thus far are for older versions of Bright Author - not Bright Author Connected. Are there any up-to-date instructions or how-to's for Bright Author Connected (assuming the interface is different from regular BA) to achieve this task or can anyone give me a quick how-to?

Any leads or info on how to resolve this seemingly simple task would would be greatly appreciated.



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