How to crossfade audio in interactive playlist based on event?

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I've been trying to setup a crossfading audio playlist in an interactive playlist. I want to be able to crossfade between tracks at the end of a film loop based on a zone message. 


Presentation setup:

I have 2 zones:

1. Video zone

2. Enhanced audio zone


The video zone sends a zone message "FADE" whenever the video loops. The enhanced audio zone receives this "FADE" command but instead of crossfading to the next item in the playlist, it just hard cuts to the next item.


Is there anyway to force this crossfade to happen? Or would I need to write a plugin to enable this functionality?







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    Nils Marklund

    Maybe this is totally of but https://brightsign.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115006733793-Fade-audio-in-video-by-GPIO solved my fading. That´s more of an fade in - out solution but I guess you could have two sounds playing at the same time fading in and out att the same time, maybe in different zones, to solve the "crossfading". If it´s possible there may be an advantage using the media separately and not in "lists". It might give access to different commands and functionality.

    My most recent project plays two relatively synched videos at the same time in two different zones only one visible and audible at a time. It's the same video, just different subs, my little workaround for the audience switching between eng and swe subs with an udp event without having to watch the video from the beginning. The 0,1 sec or so off synch makes me also switch the sound. I´m doing it hard and it is hardly hearable but if I wanted to cross synch audio I guess I could use some version of the method from the link above.

    Apologies if I don´t get your project, just trying to give ideas of how you might proceed. I´m not a pro. :)


    my 2 cents

    just a regular user


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    Sean Devonport

    Thanks for the input here Nils! 

    Indeed, this seems like a solution that could work well and very similar to what I ended up doing. I'll give it a try to test it out! :) 


    From my side, I just ended up writing a plugin that created two audio players. I then was able to send the plugin a FADE message as my video looped which told the plugin to switch between either audio player. I then had a timer which iteratively decreased/increased the volume of the player being faded out/in. It works pretty well, and I guess what's cool in this solution is you can determine different crossfade curves quite easily.

    I still think it's somewhat a bad design that the "Enhanced Audio Zone" is not able to crossfade audio when it receives a command to go to the next media item. I hope Brightsign can add this feature one day!


    All the best,


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