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I have a video that has a resolution of 2048x1024, I'd like to play it on my brightsign. Could anyone help me figure out how to convert it so that it plays? I guess it will have to have black bars at the top and bottom, which is fine.

Many thanks in advance.


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    The necessary conversion will depend on what player model you have since your video is larger than 1920x1080 HD, so it will require a player that supports 4K video file playback.

    See this article for specifications:

    If you use BrightAuthor or BrightAuthor:connected, the zone's View Mode will determine how the video appears within the zone.

    BrightAuthor/BA:connected cannot convert video.

    However, some third-party CMSes will do the work of converting the video to a format compatible with the player, so if you are using a third-party CMS to manage your content, check its capabilities.


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    Many thanks for your reply!

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