Superstates and Media End Events

I have a superstate with 12 audio files in it, and a single media end event from the superstate to another state. My hope/expectation was that when one of the audio files ends, the media end event would cause it to transition to the next state. But what actually ends up happening is that it just loops the audio file, and never moves on to the next state.

I know I can make it work by adding individual media end events to each audio file, but it seems like the one media end event should be able to do it. 

What am I missing? Is there something about media end that just doesn't work with a superstate?


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    Nikolai Schnarz

    Question: Why do you use a Superstate for Audio playback? And what is your expectation with the media end event - what should it do? As far as I know the Superstate is just like a separate (interactive) playlist and you can jump from there to other states also outside the Superstate. Did you insert a Audio Playlist into the Superstate? I could imagine that working with a variable could solve your problem.

    Best regards - Nikolai Schnarz

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    Jesse Flack

    I have 12 audio files, and I'm using variables to determine which file gets played. So the superstate is useful for that -- enter the superstate, check the value of certain variables, use conditional transitions to pick the right audio file.

    In the meantime, I think I've answered my own question: you can't add a Media End event to a superstate. Or rather, you can do it, but it just won't work. 

    I've updated with individual Media End events on each audio file, and it's working fine.

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