How to select the right player for giant LED Screens ?

Hi there,

I need to specify the most suitable BrightSign player (model and quantity) for a 10240 x 2520 pixels' LED screen, that will be currently split into 4 big screens, in terms of LED processors, where each processor runs a 2560 x 2520 resolution.

Considering the intention is to playback one single video over the screen (10240 x 2520 full screen), and screen resolution is composed of 4 times 2560x2520, and there are no other requirements, like HDR10 or Dolby Atmos, what are the most suitable Brightsign player I should use, and how many players will I need?  

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    Nikolai Schnarz

    Hi Lucas, if the LED screen is not 16:9 aspect ratio and your vertical resolution is more than 2.160 pixels I would guess that only a scaler could arrange the full size you want to fill. The maximum resoultion is 4K what BrightSign can provide, but you seem to have a nearly square aspect ratio. I would try to work with the 4K series, but creating the content for this LED screen will be pretty difficult. I have a similar installation where 5 displays are in a row (5x full HD next to each other) and I am using BrightSign HD series - that is working pretty good. But with such a resolution that you are working with, I can imagine that only a scaler between the player and the LED screen will help you. I wish you good luck!

    Kind regards - Nikolai Schnarz

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