HD1022, HD222 and LS424 with enhanced synchronization - PROBLEM

Hello from Germany!

A very strange thing is happening with my BrightSign devices:

HD1022 (MASTER) - HD222 (SLAVE 1) - LS424 (SLAVE 2)

All devices have the latest available firmware installed. I have created a project with "enhanced synchronization" where the HD1022 is sending a LINK SYNCHRONIZE command and the slave devices should react.

All devices have a static IP address and I can see them on the network, I can open the diagnostic webserver, I can upload content via Simple File Networking - everything seems to be working.

Now the command is sent from the HD1022 but only the LS424 is reacting. The HD222 ignores the command. I have tested the same Bright Author file on a HS123 board, and what do I see: The HD222 and the LS424 are reacting!

I can't explain why this is happening. All settings have been checked, like send and receive ports - everything was left in standard settings, nothing changed. The HD1022 is defined as a master, the HD222 and the LS424 are automatically set to slave.

Is there somebody who could explain what is going wrong with my setup? Could it be caused by a defective HD1022 or is it a software or firmware issue? I would understand if the HD1022 would not be able to send a command, but it does - that's why the LS424 player is reacting.

I would be very happy to get some feedback.

Kindest regards


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    has this ever worked before? If you turn off enhanced sync, does it work fine? You can do this on both the master and slave project.  It is an odd problem. Enhanced sync and standard sync communicate differently. 

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    Nikolai Schnarz

    The HD1022 seems to be defective, but it is very strange! I am now using another HD1022 device and the same BrightAuthor project - everything works fine. I thought of a sync problem caused by different screen settings, the HD1022 at 1920x1080 50i but the LS424 with 1920x1080 60p, but that was not causing any issues. I am happy now working with enhanced sync and three different BrightSign models.

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