Loosing connection to BSN cloud

We have 11 devices (10 XT1144 and 1 XT1143), all on the latest firmware 8.2.26. They are located in 3 different offices. Devices are loosing connection to the BSN cloud once in a while and the only way to reconnect them is to restart them. Rarely it can be restarted via BSN.Cloud, most of the time it has to be restarted manually. When connection is lost, the presentation runs normally and we can ping the device. The devices loosing connection is completely random. It could be one or more from different location. Never all of them at the same time.

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    When the units show a red status, can you still publish a schedule update to them?

    Please update player to or later.

    are the players setup with static ip address or dhcp?

    are the players left on all the time? 



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