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So I am trying to look at BrightAuthor Connected.

I have long been using BrightAuthor, but thought I would look at this newer version, so when clients have issues about adding my weather feeds to their presentations, I know what is going on.

BA Connected keeps asking me to sign in to BSN.Cloud, but BSN.Cloud is a paid subscription service, and that is not what I am looking for.

I was under the impression that BA Connected was free for local content?

Is this not the case?

I looked at a couple of tutorials, but they seem to deal with the assumption that people already have a BSN.Cloud account.

This is all very confusing, and after digging around the website for a few hours, I still have not found any clear answers on this.

If anyone has more information about how to use BA Connected for free, please let me know.

Thank you!

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    There are multiple "levels" of BSN.cloud.

    Control Cloud is free and supports Standalone, Local File Networking, and Simple File Networking.

    Content Cloud is paid and is the new-world version of BrightSign Network.
    You can activate a one-time 30-day trial on a network in the Admin section.  Unlike BrightSign Network where individual players got Grace subscriptions on first join, the Content Cloud trial applies to the entire BSN.cloud network regardless of how many players are added to it.
    After the trial period expires, if there are no paid subscriptions on the BSN.cloud network, it will revert back to Control Cloud and any presentations/assets/etc will be inaccessible.
    All players on a Content Cloud-enabled network require subscriptions even if they are not set up for Content Cloud publishing.

    You can still use the desktop BA:connected client without a BSN.cloud account.  Just click Cancel at the BSN.cloud login.  You will not have the user management or the ability to store Device Setup packages (Device Setup Library), nor will you be able to use the web interface, but you can still author and publish locally for Standalone, Local File Networking, and Simple File Networking.


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