Image Swaps on Touch Screen Buttons

I've built a simple video player. The main screen has a series of buttons on screen allowing users to choose to play a video. It then plays that video and includes a sidebar with controls to return to the main screen, pause, play, and change volume up and down. See example of controls here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nyYfP-yiHvnv-lNS7ox1Bi1bwyPmLUFE/view?usp=sharing 

Right now I embed the visuals of the controls in the base video. Then put touch zone above each visual button. It works just fine.

But, I want to provide some visual feedback when the user presses a button. For instance, change the button color for a second and then turn it back. For the Play and pause buttons. I'd like to combine them into one button. So it starts out playing, you hit the button and it pauses the video, also changing the visual to a pause symbol. When you press it again, the video starts again and the play button returns.

Is this possible?


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