Can't show HTML page with BrightScript

I am trying to write a BrightScript that would display a HTML webpage when the script is run. Currently I testing with the page as an autorun.brs, later will make it into a plugin.

My script is:

Sub Main()

    r = CreateObject("roRectangle"0019201080)

    h = CreateObject("roHtmlWidget", r)


End Sub


I don't know what I am doing wrong but the webpage is not displayed - on the connected screen everything is dark (yes screen works as it displays the BS logo without the SD card in). If I look at the BrightSign Log it says [ 35.753] BSPLAY: https:\\www.brighsign.biz. So I am guessing the code is mostly ok - or at least the player fetched and plays the url.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong.


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