Boot Time

Is there a reason why there is a 2-3min delay between the time I get the telnet message that the player is on-line and the actual execution of the code. I can not even log in on the back end until this time has elapsed. I'm using v8.2.35.4 on the XD4. I've seen this with earlier versions as well.

I have done a factory reset.

The network/telnet settings were initially configured, then commented out for the final test.


Sub Main()


eventMessagePort = CreateObject("roMessagePort")

videoMode = CreateObject("roVideoMode")

x = videoMode.GetSafeX()
y = videoMode.GetSafeY()
w = videoMode.GetSafeWidth()
h = videoMode.GetSafeHeight()

networkConfig = CreateObject("roNetworkConfiguration", 0)

_hostName = networkConfig.getHostName()
print _hostName


'print networkConfig.GetCurrentConfig()

reg = CreateObject("roRegistrySection", "networking")

isTelnetPresent = reg.read("telnet")
print "Telnet:";isTelnetPresent

print "Running"

while true

end while

end Sub


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