LS4 USB-C port audio


I'm trying to get audio out of the USB-C port of an LS4. 

I have a USB-C to phono cable, but can't get any audio out. Is there something I'm not doing, that I would have to do in Bright Author?

All I'm doing is putting one video file on the micro SD card to play on a loop, so I was wondering if I can keep things this simple...

Many thanks in advance,



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    Monica Knutson

    Hi Sam,

    In BrightAuthor, ensure that your Zone properties are using the Analog Out.  There is a tickbox on the dialog panel.

    Also, are you using the BrightSign USB-C to 3.5mm audio cable or a different manufacturer?

    You will need to reboot the device once you plug in the USB-C to 3.5mm adapter so the hardware boot recognizes the switch.

    Hope this helps!



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    Nikolai Schnarz

    Hi Sam,

    maybe your problem is already solved, but I would recommend to test the audio over the HDMI output before checking the USB-C to audio cable for this reason: I have tested a video file also on a LS424 player and in BrightAuthor preview the video was good and I had a pretty good sound. Then I pushed the content onto the BrightSign player (Simple File Networking) and the video was displayed, but no audio to hear. The reason was: I used a setting in my video editing software to create a .mov file and this file could be played with audio on my computer, but the BrightSign device was not playing back the audio. When I created the same video as a .mp4 file it was working properly with audio also on the BrightSign player. I can't tell you why... So like Monica recommended: Buy a cable for audio output from BrightSign, then it should work with the Zone Setting to analog audio. And don't forget: It is not possible to get USB and audio out at the same time from USB-C.

    Best wishes - Nikolai Schnarz

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