I am new to the Brightsign ecosystem but I've been working on setting up the a video wall for my customer. I setup the video wall and I have the content streaming across the 5 screens without too much of an issue. Since then, the TVs were taken down and the players were shuffled around unfortunately which now the names don't line up properly. I assumed this would be an easy fix, but I assumed wrong. I see there's no configuration settings for this that is easily accessible and after research it seemed a factory reset would be easiest. I reset the player and formatted the storage device to make sure it would present me with the opening startup screen but that did not occur. After looking up the factory reset tutorial it didn't provide me any info around this either. I then went into the Brightauthor program to create setup files which I uploaded to the player. Once I did that, and rebooted it replaced the name but now I get Failed to fetch errors repeatedly which I assume is due to something I wasn't supposed to do. Hoping to get some clarity on the proper way to go about this and I do believe you should update your factory reset documentation to highlight how to setup these basic fields (Name, Network Name, Description, and whatever else you'd normally see when you first receive the device) as that is what I expected after a factory reset but it's not what I saw.

Appreciate the help, apologies if I am coming across in a negative tone, just putting my thoughts out there, definitely no negative tone intended!



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    Did you get this issue resolved? I can't tell if you were using briguathor 4.7 or brightauthor connected.  That could impact what you saw after you reset the player.  Also, I don't know what fetch errors you're referring to.  Getting a copy of the logs would help.  Do you mean the player can't successfully download content now that you've set it up again? 

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