step by step guide to pause and resume video on 3 BrightSigns

Hello all


I am using BrightAuthor for the first time and I need to build a set of 3 XD1033's running 3 different videos (different length).

Now the tricky part is to have them all pause when movie on BrightSign#1 is done - then show a image for a while (same on all 3) - and then resume on BrightSign#2&3 and start video frmo beginning on BrightSign#1.

I have been looking at UDP-commands - also in this forum - and it seems the way to go but I cannot understand where and how to do what?

I suppose all 3 BrightSigns should have their video file and some kind of "UDP Input Event" attached to the published video. And perhaps some kind of command chain on #1 to call pause video/show image/restart//resume video

But I am not sure I'm doing anything right. Could anyone walk me thru this process? Or hint me to the perfect guide?

Currently I have one BrightSign on local area network and showing a little test video with 2 UDP-events attached - and I thought I could somehow manipulate pause and resume via browser-commands but I can't get it working.


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