send UDP from one BrightSign to another

I'd like to do this:

BrightSign#1 plays a video. Once video is finished; [send UDP-command?] show another video (or a still image with audio playing) for 5 minutes.
Then [send UDP-command?] start first video again.

BrightSign#2 plays some other video and when BrightSign1 sends UDP: receive UDP >> PAUSE VIDEO, show image (and play sound if possible) until new UDP from BrightSign#1 >> RESUME VIDEO.

Perhaps I can work on the method in this post - but I can't get UDP working between my 2 BrightSigns (they are both on LAN with static IP's)

And as a bonus: Is it possible to send UDP to a brightSign from a browser in the style of "http:/;resume". I would like to be able to do something fast via network from time to time.


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    Monica Knutson

    Hello Morten,

    On your presentation preferences for both players ensure that the UDP is going to “all devices on the subnet”. There is a radio button where it can be selected on the Interactive tab. I am not certain of the browser command but we have used other devices to send UDP to the player as long as the destination/sender ports were correct.

    Have a great day!

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