Connectivity/Network Issues?

We run 12 Brightsign Devices at different locations - HD224's and LS423's 

We have to continually re-enter the IP addresses of the signs in the Bright Author Connected software almost every time we need to upload a presentation. Under the older Bright sign software the devices stayed visible and did not need to be re added. 

Also as soon as we added Static IP's they were no longer shown as online in the Network section of the BA connected software. 

Is this normal or does it sound like network issues?


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    Julie Hurst

    I had a similar issue with the subnet mask field getting dropped off my players - this was recently fixed by BrightSign and it has been persistent ever since.


    However, I am experiencing an issue where the players lose their IP address off the network on a regular basis (which is extremely frustrating). I wonder if it's related... 

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