802.1X WIRED Network Authentication (XD233)

Hy All,

we have an issue with our XD233. We would like to authenticate this device in our corporate network with 802.1X (EAP-TLS with PKCS#12) authentication but it seems the player does not try to use this certificate to authenticate.

Today I'll have a meeting with our network technicians to check this on the ISE.

Have you guys any idea about this? The configuration seems to be OK I see the p12 file on the SD card after the setup but when we plug in the network cable the ISE gives a restricted zone IP address for the player.

Thank you in further!

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    Gabor Szabo

    We had the meeting with the networking technicians. It seems that the device will not try to use EAP authentication (=it did not send any "EAP HELLO" packets) and it did not answer any EAP asking packets from the ISE side too..

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