Scheduled Interrupts w/ normal schedule

I created a reboot presentation[1] and my regular presentation that contains all user variables, feeds, plugins etc.

From my regular presentation, I dragged the reboot presentation as an interrupt to reboot the machine. (see screenshot above)

My question is: After the reboot, does my regular presentation be displayed as usual until the next reboot interrupt is fired?

[1] How do I schedule a player to reboot at a particular day/time every week in BrightAuthor? – BrightSign Support (zendesk.com)

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    When the player boots it will check the time against the schedule, and the presentation that should be active for that time will execute.
    Since the player takes 1-2 minutes to boot up, one of two situations will occur after the player reboots at 05:30:

    • The player will complete the reboot before 05:33 and therefore will execute the Reboot presentation again
      After the second reboot completes it will be after 05:33 and the next condition will apply
    • The player will complete the reboot at/after 05:33 and will start the BadgingOffice presentation


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